ServisBOT ai Workers

Type: NLP Worker

ServisBOT ai is a worker type that does not use any third party services, it’s all handled internally. It is designed to quickly publish bots with low latency responses. Use the Starter Blueprint to get a quick bot setup.

Creating a SerisBOT ai worker though the cli.

Save this json to a file and create a worker using the cli command sb-cli worker create file.json


  • NluConfidenceThresholdOverride [Optional] You can use this as an override of the returned detected intent confidence. If this value is higher than that returned from the nlu provider it will change the response to be a fallback, this value defaults to 0.
  • Language [Optional] [Defaults to en] - Allows training of a bot in different languages. Any language supported by ServiceBOT, is supported here.
  "Data": {
    "NluConfiguration": {
      "NluConfidenceThresholdOverride": 0.8,
      "Language": "en"
    "NluType": "ServisBOT"
  "Organization": "my-org",
  "Config": {
    "Avatar": "default-bot"
  "Enabled": true,
  "Description": "An amazing ServisBOT Worker",
  "Type": "nlp-worker",
  "Name": "exampleServisBOT",
  "Status": "published",

That’s right no configuration required. Once you have created the worker using the CLI, it will return an ID for you. You need to then update/create a bot with this worker.

  "Name": "exampleBot",
  "Workers": [
      "Type": "nlp-worker",
      "Id": "new-id"

Onces the worker is assigned to a bot, simply start adding Intents and publish your bot.