Google Tag Manager Installation

The ServisBOT install script can be installed using any tool that can inject HTML and Javascript into a page such as Google Tag Manager or Adobe Tag Manager.

There is no default ServisBOT tag yet. Use the Custom HTML tag type.


  1. It is assumed that your website already has Google tag manager installed using the Setup and install Tag Manager instructions.
  2. A working ServisBOT messenger configuration (from Getting Started -> Installation Confirm that you have the details needed to install ServisBOT on a web page such as the endpoint whitelisting set, organization name, endpoint address, and region.


  1. Log into Google Tag Manager and open up your container.

  2. Select Tags

  3. Create New and name your tag ServisBOT Install

  4. For the Tag Configuration select Custom HTML

  1. Add in the messenger configuration into the Custom HTML code. Enable document write for the tag. For tag Firing options we recommend Once per page

  1. Configure the triggering: For most usecases you will want this to be triggered on All Pages

  1. Publish and Debug your container.


ServisBOT can further interact with the pages in which it is embeded. This can be done using additional tags, events or Javascript code in the custom tag. Special attention should be placed to the order in which tags are fired and rendered, ensuring the full install script is loaded before other dependent scripts.