It is possible to perform actions associated with projects in the cli by using sb-cli project <command>. The possible commands are listed below.

sb-cli project create <json>     Creates a project from inline JSON or a file
                                 [aliases: c]

sb-cli project delete <alias>    Deletes a project for the given alias
                                 [aliases: del]

sb-cli project describe <alias>  Describes a project for the given alias
                                 [aliases: d]

sb-cli project list              Lists all available projects
                                 [aliases: l]
sb-cli project update <json>     Updates a project from inline JSON or a file
                                 [aliases: u]


When creating a project using the command sb-cli project create <json>, the JSON should be of the form:

   "Alias": "Alias",                               
   "Version": "$LATEST",                            
   "Configuration": {},                              

Where all fields shown above are required.

Say you have a project with the alias exampleProject

  • sb-cli project delete exampleProject will delete exampleProject

  • sb-cli project describe exampleProject will return a description of the alias, version, configuration, and other relevant information

  • sb-cli project list will return a list of projects such as:

Alias Version
exampleProject1 versionNumber
exampleProject2 versionNumber
exampleProject3 versionNumber