ServisBOT Forms

ServisBOT forms is an add-on that allows capturing information from end-users outside of the conversation timeline. Its best used when a process requires that a bot collect many fields of information with validation and helptext.

To have this deployed for your organization, contact your customer success representative.


Once your forms server has been deployed and your form configured, the form can added to bot using the detailView timeline element and markupInteraction node.

    title="My Form"
    description="Click Here to display MyForm"
    url="https://<your hostname/forms/<myform>"

Secure Fields

ServisBOT Forms is also integrated with Secure Input so that data collected in properly configured forms are dereferenced and stored in the secure-input store rather than sent up to the bot in their raw format.

Converting any field to secure input can be done by adding secure_ to the field name.