Setting a timeline hint

Any timeline element can accept a hint property. This will display the hint text in the input field. e.g.

LightningV2 textarea with a hint set

Hint order of preference

Hints are set in the following order of preference, using the first one available:

  1. Hint set on a secure input node - only used if a secure input node is used and it has a hint set in said node.
  2. Hint set on a timeline element with the hint property.
  3. Numeric input default hint - only used if numeric input is enabled and none of the previous hints are used.
  4. Placeholder text set with a URL query parameter in L2 with placeholderText e.g. ?endpoint=some-endpoint&placeholderText=Type%20a%20message
  5. Placeholder text set in an endpoint’s internalization settings with the placeholder property e.g.: Portal endpoint internalization settings
  6. Default placeholder text (‘Write a message’)