Private API Connector

BaaS API connectors work best for RESTfull APIs, but with the full power of AWS available in the platform, providing custom integrations other services should still be possible.

Private API Connector (IP Whitelisting)

The private-api-connector is used to hit HTTP endpoints, be they JSON, SOAP or XML based. The HTTP request always comes from a known host ip address.
For JSON based APis, use type private-api-connector, and for SOAP use type private-soap.

For example:

  "Alias": "phoneNumberValidate",
  "Type": "private-api-connector",
  "Body": {},
  "Endpoint": "",
  "Headers": {
    "Authorization": "************************",
    "Content-Type": "application/json"
  "Method": "POST",
  "RequestMapping": {
    "telephoneNumber": {
      "inputPath": "$.telephoneNumber",
      "requestBodyPath": "$.telephoneNumber",
      "type": "requestBody"
  "ResponseMapping": {
    "telephoneNumber": {
      "outputPath": "$.telephoneNumber",
      "responseBodyPath": "$.telephoneNumber",
      "type": "responseBody"
  "RestrictionGroup": "12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012" //optional, see Restriction Groups

This will perform the same request as above in the API Connector, but instead go out via an VPC and NAT.