Troubleshooting CLI

The following are common troubleshooting scenarios for the ServisBOT CLI

I get an error when attempting to run any commands in the ClI

Most of the time this can be fixed by updating your ClI

npm install -g @servisbot/servisbot-cli

In rare cases you might need to clear the servisbot cache, uninstall and reinstall.

Find and delete the following files in your users’s home directory

ls -la ~/

uninstall the cli

npm uninstall -g @servisbot/servisbot-cli

Then reinstall

npm install -g @servisbot/servisbot-cli

I don’t see all of the commands available in the ClI

  • Make sure you are logged in. Not being logged in will limit you to only region and login commands since you have no role when logged out.
  • Ensure your user has a role assigned. An administrator, or other privileged user on your org would need to do this.

I can’t log into an organization that I know the credentials to

  • Most common cause for this is a wrong region. use sb-cli region show to verify you are attempting to log into the right region.
  • Verifying your login in portal, and/or resetting your password might help here too.

I am asked for root credentials every time I try and update the ClI

  • This usually means your CLI, and/or Node was accidentally installed using root Credentials
    • Fixing this will usually require an uninstallation of node and the ClI
    • Permissions for key node folders such as /usr/local/bin/node will need to be checked.
    • Additional help from someone who understands nodejs and or system permissions may be needed.

My password is shown in plain text when I am logging in

  • If logging in using sb-cli login <organisation> displays your password in plain text, you are likely using a terminal that is not a “TTY” terminal. The servisbot-cli only supports “TTY” terminals.
ServisBots-MacBook-Pro user$ sb-cli login flowit
Password [Input is Hidden] mysupersecretpassword
  • If you are experiencing this problem on the Windows Operating System, it is typically because you are not using cmd.exe to run the servisbot-cli.