Creating a BYOB Bot

It is possible to integrate a remote managed (BYOB) NLU, also known as bring your own bot, into the ServisBOT Platform. Intent training, definitions and publishing will all be outside of our system and in any of our supported NLP platforms. By connecting your bot to the platform, it will be available for use by any of our engagement adapters such as ServisBOT Messenger.

Connecting a BYOB bot will require 3 steps

  • Configuring your NLP access secret
  • Creating a bot
  • Adding a worker config

Configure your NLP Access Secret

In order for ServisBOT to classify utterances using a remote managed NLP, the correct API keys, access tokens or cross account roles need to be configured in our Secrets Vault. Please follow the instructions specific to the NLP you used to build your bot.

Create a Bot

Once you have a secret created, we need to create a bot in our platform to connect your NLP to engagement adapter.

  1. To begin creating a new bot, go to the “Bot Army” section in portal. This page lists all bots that have been created.
  2. Click the Create New button. Alternatively, bots can be created using our cli
  3. Give the bot a name and description
  4. Important: Select Remote Management in the NLP Management.

After saving this configuration, you will have an empty bot ready to have its NLU added.

Connect your NLU provider

In order to use a remotely configured NLP with your bot, you need to add an NLP worker to your bot.

  1. In portal, on the bot’s resources tab, click the add resource button.
  2. Select the NLP worker for the type of NLP you have your bot configured in.
  3. Use the secret you configured in the first part of this tutorial.

After adding your Worker, you should be able to test your bot with our messenger, using the Test button at the top of the Bot page.