Copying Bots

In this tutorial you will learn how to copy a bot and all of its resources.

Downloading the Bot

  1. Create a folder for your bot project
  2. Using the CLI, log into your organization using and download the bot you want to copy.
sb-cli bot download BOTNAME

This will include all workers, baas, and the default endpoint related to the bot.

Modify your bot

  1. Delete all SRN and ID fields from all of the resources.
  2. Rename the bot, and all of this resources
  3. For bots, change the Name field
  4. For workers, change the Name
  5. For endpoints, change the Address
  6. For BaaS, change the Alias

Uploading Your BOT

  1. Re-upload the bot Definitions
sb-cli bot upload .

The . just denotes current directory.


Secrets are not exported or imported, but since they are referenced by Alias, all that is needed is to make sure that secrets still exist in the destination organization.

Test your bot!

You should be all set to test your bot in the platform now.