Export intents for a bot

Its possible to export the utterances for all workers in a bot all at once, in a unified format. This is helpful if you are trying to get an understanding of total utterances your bot, which can be unwieldily as the bot grows.

When we refer to utterance, we mean both Lex’s ‘utterance’ as well as Google Dialogflow’s training phrase.

This is supported for the following worker types:

  • Dialogflow
  • Lex

To export from ServisBOT intents into a CSV files. The intent export command defaults to ServiceBOT intents.

sb-cli intent export <botname>

To export from an external NLP directly to a csv file, first log into the org you want, then run.

sb-cli intent export <botname> --remote

You will receive two csvs in the following format:


Botname Intent Utterance
botnamevalue workerid intent


Intent value
IntentAlias Value