ServisBOT Messenger

ServisBOT Messenger is the default engagement adapter for endpoints. When creating an endpoint, unless the engagement adapter is set to something else, the bot will be available through our messenger.

Whitelisting Domains

You can restrict where your messenger can be displayed by providing a set of domains. When developing on a site locally, it might be helpful to add http://localhost/ or http://localhost:3000 depending on your local settings.

Find a bot’s endpoint in bot url

You can find out what a bot’s endpoint is using the the portal. Either: * Go to the endpoints tab and find the one referencing your bot. There is a test button on the detail page of each enpoint that can be used to get to the preview URL. * When testing your bot, your default endpoint will be referenced in the Test url

Endpoint name is organization-botname

Branding Messenger

  • To create a template for how you want your messenger to look, navigate to the “Endpoints” section of this portal.
  • To begin designing and branding your messenger select the “Create Endpoint” button found in the top right-corner
  • You must then give this design or “Endpoint” a name. We recommend you give it a similar name as the intended bot it is for.
  • Below this is a dropdown list. Select the arrow and you will be able to see the list of created bots you have. Select one of these bots.
  • You will then be able to give your messenger a title, subtitle, logo and background image.
  • By scrolling further down, you will see a preview of messenger and colour configurations to the left. You can change the colours of different elements of messenger and see what they look like before saving your changes.
  • To save your changes and apply this design to the selected bots messenger, select the “Save” button found in the bottom right hand corner.