Metrics and Analytics

ServisBOT provides two measurable ways to measure activity and success for your bots; these are:


A transaction is any time a message comes in or out of the system. The system tracks this automatically and stores summary data available for export in the CLI and detailed time-ranged data available in the portal.

In the Portal

Detailed time-ranged datails available from the Dashboard menu item.

Adjust the date and time range at the top of the dashboard to view Transaction information. Dashbboard

In the CLI

More data is also available in the CLI for export or use in reports.

A summary of transaction data can be exported either by month or for a specific date.

sb-cli metric transaction <range>

Available options for timeline:

Parameter Options Default
<range> alltime, month in format “201904” Current Month


Goals can be used to capture the the percentage of successful engagement through the bot. For example, an e-commerce company’s bot relevant goals can be informing users about a product’s details or purchasing a product. This shows that the number of times our bot successfully processed the input and provided the asked information.

Goals are both default and custom events that are tracked in the system key to monitor the success of interactions of a bot. By using goals, it is possible to calculate conversions on different vital points of a conversation.

Default goals

By default, some primary conversational metrics events are tracked automatically by the system.

  • Conversation started
  • Conversation end

Using Goal Nodes

A Goal Node can be placed anywhere in the flow to monitor information at vital stages of the conversation. A Goal Node will not interfere with the flow or any other nodes. Simply drag and drop the node into the flow and connect it to the output of the relative node.


Give the Gaol Node a name that describes its function as this will be used to identify that node both in the CLI and in the Dashboard to configure Conversion Rates.


From the Dashboard, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under Conversion Rates, select +Add Conversions. To track a new conversion, enter the name of the Bot, the conversation name, a brief description of the conversation, and finally, the names of two Goals to be tracked and select save. Back in the dashboard the Analytic & Insights into your Bots will be updated to reflect the changes.


Exporting Goals

Using the CLI, it is possible to export by either goal triggered for a bot, or by goal name (across an entire org, or by bot). Command Examples