Conversational Handlers can be configured on either a Bot or Virtual Assistant. To enable handlers, run sb-cli bot update or sb-cli va update with Handlers configured on the root of the Bot or Virtual Assistant.

  "Workers": [
      "Type": "r2-avalanche-worker",
      "Id": "d82bfe5f-aade-4908-9c15-2b1498fda81f"
  "State": "RUNNING",
  "SecureSession": false,
  "QuietTimeEnabled": false,
  "NluManagementMode": "ServisBOT",
  "Organization": "org",
  "DisplayName": "MyBot",
  "Created": 1654698908707,
  "Handlers": {
    "conversationCreated": {
      "actions": [
          "type": "setPolicy",
          "value": {
            "userSession": {
              "expireOnInactivityInMinutes": 5
            "conversation": {
              "maxDurationInMinutes": 10
  "Updated": 1659616158800,
  "CreatedBy": "user@servisbot.com",
  "Id": "5hmRuv1zm",
  "UpdatedBy": "user@servisbot.com",
  "Name": "mybot",
  "Srn": "srn:botnet:eu-1:docs:bot:mybot"

Available Configuration

Handlers are configured as Botnet Actions. The actions are executed at specific lifecycle hooks per conversation and session. The supported hooks are:

  • conversationCreated
    • The specified actions are run when a conversation is created.

The supported Botnet Actions are:

  • setPolicy