Button Card

Provide options to open links in the same tab or a different tab using a preview image generally used for OAuth Login or any use-case that navigates user away from the bot to an external link.

The parameters for a ButtonCard are:

Name Type Default Values Description
url string - - url that can be opened from the messenger
linkOpenTarget string tab tab,self open item url in a new tab tab, or change the current parent page self
title string - - the text you would like to appear in the title of the ButtonCard
urlTitle string - - the text you would like to appear on the link text of the ButtonCard
imgUrl string - - the url of the image you would like to appear on the card
showIcon boolean false true,false whether to show the icon besides the link text on the ButtonCard
interactionType string - event,utterance,none whether to send markup interaction/event when opening external links. Use none to open links without sending any interaction data
disableInteraction string false true,false If enabled, messenger will not send up any interaction to the bot but any links will still open as expected

Simple ButtonCard

Simple ButtonCard

ButtonCard with an image preview

ButtonCard with no icon