Creating a Bot in Portal

The ServisBOT portal is the perfect starting point for learning how to configure your Bot. It is also where Classic Flow bots are easiest to manage.

Creating your first bot

It is easy to create your first bot by using a template from within the portal. Make sure you have the Definitions and requirements such as a portal account before starting.

To begin creating a new bot, go to the “Bot Army” section in portal. This page lists all bots that have been created.

In the top right, click “Create Bot” and select “From Blueprint”.

You will be provided with a list of available blueprints to get started with. The easiest to work with is the “Classic Flow Bot” which provides you with a flow-based interaction right off the bat. There are many more blueprints, some of which mix one or more workers.

After selecting the classic flow blueprint and clicking next, you will be able to configure your bot.

Classic Flow Bots allow you to pick a persona, great for identifying your bot quickly when on the landing page. You can also set the initial message (the first message your bot will give), and a description. This configuration screen will change depending on what bot you select. We recommend you base these on the use case or function of the bot, so other users can understand what this bot is for.

Finally, select the “Create BOT” button

Build and test your bot

Hopefully everything went well. In order to view your bot in messenger, and test as you build and develop your bot, select the “Test” button. This will open a new page. See the “Test your BOT” section of this document for more info. After playing around with the bot click edit so that you can get familiar with how this bot is set up.

Edit your bot

Classic Flow bots use a drag and drop interface to manage a bot conversation. This can be powerful when prototyping an experience, or providing a thinly sliced use-case which requires a series of steps to be completed. To begin building your bot, select the “Designer” button. See Classic Flow Basics for more information about this part of the portal.

Remember, it is important you always select “Deploy” in the top right-hand corner of this page. This will save the changes you have made, and you will be able to test the latest version of your bot.

Test your bot

  • In order to view your bot in messenger, and test as you build and develop your bot, select the “Test” button. This will open a new page.
  • To open and interact with your bot, select the ServisBOT Roundel found in the bottom right hand corner.
  • To clear messenger and begin testing from the beginning, or if you become stuck / bot is unresponsive, select the “Reset” button found in the top left-hand corner.

Create More bots

Use what you’ve learned to create more bots. We have tutorials put together already.

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