In order to support older browsers, Messenger comes bundled with its own polyfills. Sometimes this can cause issues with other polyfills that are already loaded onto the page.

For this reason we provide 4 different bundles of Messenger:

  • One with all required polyfills
  • One with all required polyfills, with lazy loading enabled
  • One with no polyfills
  • One with no polyfills, with lazy loading enabled

If you want to add your own polyfills to an existing site without affecting Messenger please use the following Messenger bundle.

//  Bundled with polyfills
//  Bundled without polyfills

These two bundles also have counterparts which use lazy loading, but otherwise act the same. This means that instead of bundling everything the messenger requires into a single file, the code is split amongst many files which are dynamically loaded during runtime. The biggest benefit of this is that the initial script is smaller, allowing for faster page load times.

These two bundles are:

//   Bundled with polyfills and uses lazy loading
//   Bundled without polyfills and uses lazy loading

External Polyfills

We recommend using the following external polyfill service. The code snippet below should import all required polyfills that Messenger requires to function in older browsers.

<script src="https://polyfill.io/v3/polyfill.js?flags=gated&features=default%2Ces2015%2Ces2016%2Ces2017%2Ces2018"></script>