Wit.ai Workers

Type: NLP Worker

A Wit.ai worker takes user input and sends it to a wit.ai bot for natural language processing. This worker can be created through the CLI or through the Add Resource button on a bot’s detail page.


A Wit.ai worker requires server access token which can be retreived from wit.ai settings for your bot.


  • NluConfidenceThresholdOverride [Optional] You can use this as an override of the returned detected intent confidence. If this value is higher than that returned from the nlu provider it will change the response to be a fallback, this value defaults to 0.
  • ServerAccessToken Token that allows our system to communicate with your Wit.ai project

Creating Wit.ai worker through cli

Save this json to a file and create a worker using the cli command sb-cli worker create file.json

  "Data": {
    "NluConfiguration": {
          "ServerAccessToken": "srn:vault::ORGANIZATION:secret:wit-test",
          "NluConfidenceThresholdOverride": 0.8
    "NluType": "Wit.ai"
  "Organization": "ORGANIZATION",
  "Config": {
    "Avatar": "default-bot"
  "Enabled": true,
  "Updated": 1608652074324,
  "Description": "A Wit.ai worker",
  "Id": "4685b16c-a305-4b0c-b33d-8ae12b81ff9a",
  "Type": "nlp-worker",
  "Name": "WitWorker",
  "Created": 1608652074324,
  "Status": "published",
  "Srn": "srn:botnet:REGION:ORGANIZATION:worker:4685b16c-a305-4b0c-b33d-8ae12b81ff9a"

Once you have created the worker using the CLI, it will return an ID for you. You need to then update/create a bot and place the worker at the top with the id and the type of nlp-worker"