• An Item is contained in a list
  • Each Item corresponds to a single entry in a List
  • An item can have text with either an icon or an image
  • If an Item has option children and those Options have a “url” parameter, it will open that url in a new window in the messenger.

Images for small carousel should not be taller or wider than than 44px

The parameters for Item are:

Name Type Default Values Description
title string - - the text you would like to appear in the Item
subtitle string - - a subtitle that appears below the text on the when “horizontal=true” and “style=large-icon” on a List component
id string - - the identifier for this Item to be used in selection
iconUrl string - - the URL of the icon you want to appear with the Item when “horizontal=false”
imageUrl string - - the URL of the image you want to appear with the item when “horizontal=true”
url string - - a url that is loaded when an item is clicked
linkOpenTarget string - - open item url in a new tab tab, in a detail view detail or change the current parent page self
disableInteraction string - - If enabled, messenger will not send up any interaction to the bot but any links will still open as expected

An example of Item markup is: