Enhanced Messenger

Enhanced Messenger

Enhanced Messenger is the latest version of the ServisBOT Messenger that introduces the following features:

  • Pre-session Mode
  • Auto-start Mode (Beta)
  • User Impression Tracking
  • Conversational Lifecycle Controls
  • User Session Tracking

Enhanced messenger is enabled via the Endpoint edit page or via a feature flag to enable organization wide use of the Enhanced Messenger.

Pre-session Mode

Messenger will load and defer the start of a conversation until a user interacts. The messenger will show any pre-session welcome messages defined on your endpoint. Pre-session mode can help reduce your ServisBOT costs.

Auto-start (Beta)

When autoStart is defined as true on messenger initialization, pre-session mode will be skipped and a conversation will be started immediately. Note that there are billing implications for using autoStart.

User Impression Tracking

Upon loading the ServisBOT messenger into pre-session mode, an impression is registered in analytics. Subsequent page visits and refreshes will be recorded with the same impression identifier for a period of 24 hours or until a conversation is started by interacting with the messenger. A new impressions identifier is created after 24 hours or if the current conversation completes (or expires) and the messenger placed back into pre-session mode.

Conversational Lifecycle Controls

View the Conversational Policies documentation for more information. By default, a conversation’s maximum duration is 10 minutes.

User Session Tracking

A user session is defined as an active period of user engagement. Sessions expire when the conversation is idle for a defined period of time and are created when the user creates an input to the conversation. A session is also created upon conversation start.

A typical configuration is to configure a conversation to have a duration of 12-24 hours with a session inactivity timeout of 15-30 minutes. Analytics can track the number of sessions per conversation, the number of inputs per session and session length. Note that an active session will cause a conversation to continue beyond it’s maximum duration to allow a customer to complete their required actions.

View the Conversational Policies documentation for more information.