Secure File Upload

The parameters for SecureFileUpload are:

Name Type Default Values Description
promptText string - - the title shown on the SecureFileUpload element
promptButtonText string - - the label for the file upload button
retryButtonText string - - the label for the file replace button
confirmationText string - - the label for the file confirmation button
confirmButtonText string - - the label for the flow completion button
uploadCancelledText string Upload Cancelled - the label for cancel upload button
cancelButtonText string Cancel - the label for the cancel button
confirmationFailureText string Error Processing File - the label to show if upload errors out
version string - - the version of secure file upload node to use
preventRetries string - - determines if the element should only be interacted with once or if a user can retry failed upload. Only available in version 2.
exitOnCancel boolean false true, false Only available when version=“2” and preventRetries=“true”. When true sends up a markupInteraction when a user cancels the file upload process
resizeWidth string - - if provided, the uploaded file will be resized based on the value. Value must be string without px

An example of SecureFileUpload V2 markup is as follows:

Each <UploadItem> settings can be found here

The version attribute determines what version of the secure file upload node is used, the possible values are 2. If it is not present on the markup then it will default to version 1. For more information on the differences between v1 and v2 see here, SecureFileUpload V1 and here SecureFileUpload V2

The preventRetries attribute is only available in version 2.

To start using version 2 of the SecureFileUpload node please contact ServisBOT to enable version 2 for your organization.