Package and Send

Using the Send node in action flow and flow workers, it is possible to to send emails, with or without attachments using approved sender addresses. This feature is designed for situations where a bot is collecting information throughout a conversation, and is required to send that information to a customer service inbox, or email information to the end-user. Bi-directional experiences over email are not available using this feature.

Main features

  • Sending emails from an approved email address to less than 10 recipients through BCC.
  • Templating conversation variables into the email template.
  • Attaching publicly accessible files, (e.g. CMS assets) private files (uploaded through Secure File Upload)
  • Zipping Attachments together
  • Password encrypting Zipped files

Results from the email reques will be stored in msg.sendEmail.


Field Name Required Description
Verified From Email Required This is the address you want the email to be sent from. It must be a verified email in ServisBOT, all accounts support “” by default
Template Alias Required This is the template the email will be created from. For more information see Email Templates.
Target emails Required A list of emails for the email to be BCC’d to.
[Document Ids Fileprocessor Document Ids to be downloaded and included in the zip attached to the email.
Document Urls Urls of files to be included in the zip attached to the email.
Zip Filename The filename of the zip attached to the email.
Zip Password An optional password for the zip attached to the email. AES256 encryption.
Variables This is a list of optional additional parameters for the template specified above.

Verified Emails

Only is a valid from email for ServisBOT organizations by default. If a different email is required, please reach out to your customer success representative

Dynamic Uploaded Attachments

In situations where an end-user can upload N number of attachements, it will not be possible to configure the node with the document I.D.s wanted. In these situations the Document ID field will accept an array of I.D.s. Where the field is set to a conversation variable which stores desired file I.D.s

    "Id1", "Id2, "Id3"