Messenger Installation

In order to deploy our web messenger to your website, access to the site code, or tag manager is necessary. Our installation snippet will need to be added to all pages where you want the messenger instantiated.

Portal Access

To get started, you will need a ServisBOT organization with an initial user. Contact your ServisBOT sales rep or account manager for initial account creation. We can help you find your admin, or get you into the system.

Browser Support

We strive to make sure our bots can reach your customers on all of the latest browser and mobile device platforms. ServisBOT is tested in the following desktop web browsers and mobile OS version. It may still work in other unsupported browsers. You can find our supported browsers here

CLI and Developer Tooling

Node.js and CLI must be installed and run. You can verify NPM or Node installation by checking your version, anything higher than the versions listed here should work.

$ node -v

$ npm -v

Whitelisting Endpoints

In order to deploy our web messenger to your website, you may need to whitelist our endpoints. Below is a list of endpoints that may need to be whitelisted depending on location.