Microsoft Luis Secrets

Creating a Microsoft Luis Secret would allow you match user input using their NLP services or manage Luis Bots from the ServisBOT Platform.


Get Credentials

  • After creating an app, on the top menu of your Luis app, click the Manage.

  • On the Azure Resources tab, copy the Primary Key and the Location from the Prediction Resources tab. The Primary Key is also referred to as the Authoring Key. Save these for later .

  • On the Azure Resources tab, navigate to the Authoring Resources tab and take note of the App Id .

Store your Secret

  • In the ServisBOT cli run the following command sb-cli secret create-interactive.
  • Enter an alias for your secret.
  • When prompted about what type of secret you want to create, select secret.
  • Enter the value of your Authoring Key which you took note of in the Luis portal.
  • Save your secret.