Genesys Purecloud Worker

Type: Genesys Purecloud Worker

A Genesys Purecloud worker will route a conversation to a live agent in Genesys Purecloud chat.

Note: Genesys Purecloud workers cannot be interacted with directly by users, they must be transferred from a flow worker first.

Creating a Genesys Purecloud worker through cli

Save this json to a file and create a worker using the cli command sb-cli worker create file.json. Note to replace the values for Api, FormsId, LanguageId, and SetupId.

  "Data": {
    "Url": "",
    "DeploymentId": "12345678-abcd-0987-abcd-123456789012",
    "OrganizationId": "12345678-abcd-0987-abcd-123456789012",
    "QueueName": "BotHandoverSupport",
  "Config": {},
  "Description": "Worker that routes to livechat agents in genesys purecloud",
  "Enabled": true,
  "Name": "MyGenesysPurecloudWorker",
  "Type": "genesys-purecloud-worker"

OrganizationId must match the organization id of your account in Genesys Purecloud, which can be found in the organization settings at by clicking the Advanced expansion, or a similar Url for your region.

DeploymentId must match a chat widget of type third party deployed in Genesys Purecloud. This can be created at

QueueName must be the name of an ACD queue within the organcization in Genesys Purecloud. These can be created at

Setting the user’s name

If you want to change the default name that comes across in the create chat, you need to set the name in context. Whatever name is set to in context will appear as the user’s display name and if no name is set, it defaults to “ServisBOT User”.

Setting custom fields

If you want to set some custom data to be passed to the agent you may do so for up to 3 keys. The key value pairs contained ingenesysCustomFields in context will be apear to the live chat agent as custom fields. For example, you could set genesysCustomFields to

  "cusomterType": "insurance",
  "customerReference": "someRef"

and these fields would be available to the agent. Note, only 3 of these fields will be correctly recieved by Genesys as this is a limitation of theirs, populating more than 3 keys might lead to unexpected behaviour.

Ensuring the agent’s name is set

If you want the user to see an appropriate name for the agent, ensure the agent has their display name set. This can be done by adding a section to the agent’s person profile in Genesys Purecloud, of type Agent and setting the name as desired.

When the conversation with the agent ends and the user is returned to the flow, the display name of the last agent they interacted with will be available in lastAgentName.