Enhanced Messenger Migration

Getting Started

A brief introduction of the Enhanced Messenger feature set is available here

To begin the migration, there are 2 options.

  1. Activate the Enhanced Messenger Toggle from the Endpoint Configuration Page in Portal
  2. Update the JSON of an Endpoint to include "AutoFailover": "true" as a root level property

Immediate Differences

Conversation Initialization

In the default configuration, conversations will no longer “auto start”, conversations enter “Pre-Session” mode on page load. A conversation is started when either the roundel or splash screen is interacted with.

A messenger configured with either the defaultOpen or alwaysOpen initialization options will show the Pre-Session Splash Screen. This splash screen can be customized via internationalization options

Conversation Lifecycle

In the default configuration, conversations have will expire after 10 minutes of inactivity.

The conversation lifecycle can be adjusted via Conversational Policies on a Bot, VA or via the Policy Node.

The conversation lifecycle is fully controlled by the Enhanced Messenger API, this brings increased reliability over previous messenger expiration implementations. Additional conversation metrics are available in ServisBOT.

Compatibility Options

When migrating to Enhanced Messenger, it may be required that additional Endpoint configuration is required to match the user experience that was previously in place.

The following initialization params are available to be configured on the Endpoint:

  • autoStart - enables previous legacy behavior to prevent the messenger from entering Pre-Session mode, conversations are started immediately on page load.
  • resetOnLoad - If a conversation is underway, a new conversation is started on a “refresh” (or revisit) of the host page

To assist in migration, these options are available in the Messenger section of Endpoint configuration allowing configuration changes without host page changes.

  "Address": "my-endpoint",
  "Organization": "my-organization",
  "Messenger": {
    "InitParams": {
      "autoStart": true // resetOnLoad also supported