Notes: Conversational Policies are only available with our Enhanced Messenger. Please contact your Customer Success representative for more details.

A conversational policy dictates various parameters on a conversation such as it’s lifecycle.


Policies are typically defined via JSON:

    "userSession": {
        "expireOnInactivityInMinutes": 5
    "conversation": {
        "maxDurationInMinutes": 10

Policies are currently configured via Conversational Handlers or via the setPolicy Botnet Action

Available Configuration Properties


  • maxDurationInMinutes
    • The amount of time, in minutes, that a conversation can vend User Sessions

User Session

  • expireOnInactivityInMinutes
    • The user session will expire after the defined period of inactivity in minutes

User Session Definition

All user interaction is tracked with a User Session. A Conversation can have many User Sessions. An active Conversation can vend sessions for the period defined by conversation.maxDurationInMinutes. A User Session will remain active if a user is interacting with it, it will expire upon reaching the threshold defined by expireOnInactivityInMinutes. ServisBOT will track session creations, interactions and expiry to provide user experience based metrics.

Defining Policies

Policies are typically defined as Conversational Handlers or through the Policy Node.