Watson Workers

Type: NLP Worker

A Watson worker takes user input and sends it to Watson bot for natural language processing. A Watson worker can be created through the CLI.

Watson fields

  • Secret: The secret is the Watson API key that will be used to communicate with Watson.
  • AssistantId: the identifier of the particular assistant you wish to use hosted in the assistant resource
  • ServiceUrl: The Watson service url to use for communicating with Watson.
  • AssistantInstance: The identifier of the watson assistant resource

Creating Watson worker through cli

Save this json to a file and create a worker using the cli command sb-cli worker create file.json

  "Data": {
    "Secret": "<srn-for-watson-api-key>",
    "AssistantId": "<watson-assistant-id>",
    "ServiceUrl": "<watson-service-url>",
    "AssistantInstance": "<watson-assistant-instance>"
  "Organization": "my-org",
  "Config": {},
  "Enabled": true,
  "Description": "A watson worker",
  "Type": "watson-worker",
  "Name": "ServisbotWatsonWorkerName",
  "Status": "published",

Once you have created the worker using the CLI, it will return an ID for you. You need to then update/create a bot and place the worker at the top with the id and the type of watson-worker