Text Message

  • An entry in the conversation for displaying text
  • It takes the text as a child of the component

The general parameters for TextMsg Element are:

Name Type Default Values Description
allowMarkDownType string all list,listItem,strong etc specifies the type of markdown to be supported for a text message
  • Type ‘all’ supports [‘strong’, ‘emphasis’, ‘break’, ‘text’, ‘delete’, ‘link’];
  • Multiple types can be passed in as a list of Strings allowMarkDownType = “list,listItem”
  • For custom types https://remarkjs.github.io/react-markdown/

An example of TextMsg markup is:

Additional basic markdown styling is supported inside textMessage nodes as well such as:

  • New lines: \n
  • Hyperlinks: [ServisBOT](https://www.servisbot.com)'. It is also possible to trigger phone calls off of links using the tel: syntax. (111)-111-1111
  • Bold: **bolded words**
  • Italics: *italic word*

Text messages with URLs can also be sent to the end user. When the URL is clicked on, the link will always open in a new tab.