Broadcast with Options

A call to action displayed at the bottom of the broadcast message.

The parameters for a Broadcast with Options are:

Name Type Default Values Description
title string - - the title of the message
id string - - identifier for the action
url string - - url which can be opened in a webview
urlTitle string - - the title of the webview that the url will be opened in
linkOpenTarget string - tab, detail, self open item url in a new tab tab, in a detail view detail or change the current parent page self
interactionType string utterance utterance, event
  • Event fires a markup interaction with the option selected
  • Utterance adds a message to the timeline with the option selected
disableInteraction string false true/false Disable interactions when broadcast is closed

An example of Option Markup is:

To use this markup with as a markup interaction node, simply add interactionType="event"

See also: BroadcastMsg, SuggestionPrompt, List