Creating a bot in CLI

This documentation covers getting your first two bots created using the CLI

Install the CLI

Our CLI is available directly on NPM.

npm install -g @servisbot/servisbot-cli

The installation should run with no errors. You can validate your installation by running the CLI.


If installation was successful, the help documentation for the CLI will be displayed.

You can review a full set of the commands available to the CLI in our CLI Commands Documentation

Updating the CLI

You can update the CLI at any time using the NPM update command.

npm update -g @servisbot/servisbot-cli

Set Your Region

You will have to set your ServisBOT region before logging in.

sb-cli region set <region>

Example Regions

  • us1
  • eu-1

Log into Your Org

Log into your organization with the CLI

To log in, replace and run the command

sb-cli login <organization>

Then provide email & password. Congrats! Your CLI is all set up and you can now build bots.

Creating Your First Bot

Creating the Bot

Create a bot using a pre-existing bot template

Each bot template will contain at least one worker, and possibly some BaaS dependencies

You can see a list of templates using the CLI tool

sb-cli blueprint list

Use the CLI to to create a password reset for your Bot

sb-cli blueprint build-interactive PasswordReset

You will be asked some questions to help configure your bot

Starting Build Blueprint Interactively command
? What value would you like to set for botName {{ YOUR_BOT_NAME }}
? What value would you like to set for botDescription getting started bot
? What value would you like to set for botPersona default-bot

press Enter and wait for your bot URL to show


Test your Bot in portal (optional)

Your bot will now be available for testing. You can either go to the preview URL provided by the CLI, or view the bot using the portal.

  • Navigate to
  • Log in with the same credentials, and go to “Bot Army”
  • Click on your bot from the list
  • Click on the “Test” button at the top of the screen
  • Ask the bot “I would like to reset my password”

Adjusting your bot

It is simple to add additional utterances to kick off the bot.

You can retrieve worker details by using describe command, and using the Worker Id you received from bot describe command.

  • sb-cli worker describe <worker id> --quiet > my-bot-worker.json
  • within the file, find UserIntents Business Slot
"userIntents": [
  "name": "passwordReset",
  "utterances": [
    "I need to reset my password"
  "description": "Intent for a user to reset their password"
  • change the message strings within utterances array e.g.
    "utterances": [
      "I need to reset my password",
      "I would like to reset my password"
  • update your bot’s worker using my-bot-worker.json definition file
    • sb-cli worker update my-bot-worker.json
  • now you will have to synchronize your bot with its updated worker
    • sb-cli bot sync {{YOUR_BOT_NAME}}

Open the messenger again or click Reset in the currently opened one, and type in the I had an accident message, your bot should reply with the modified message.

Create Your Second Bot: Classic Flow

Setup and Test Bot

Create a bot using a pre-existing bot template

sb-cli blueprint build-interactive classic-flow

Interact with the bot