Roles and Permissions

Bot building is a team job so ServisBOT comes equipped with roles and permissions. This way, bot builders can get what they need done, while IT can be confident their security settings are safe and the bot manager can trust that their experiences are stable.

If you are the first user in your organization you will have all roles applied.

Current Roles:

  • Bot Builder
  • It
  • Bot Manager

Bot Builder

You have access to all the bot building tools, conversation viewer, diagnostics and dashboards.


Access to Secrets, user management and organization-wide settings are available

Bot Manager

Access to endpoint configurations, diagnostics, dashboards and bot-building tools

Assigning roles

Assigning roles can be done using the CLI. Users will need to log out and log in before role changes affect them. A users session will also automatically expire ever hour.

1: Check what roles are available for your organization

sb-cli role list

Set a json file to

	"Username": "Username",               /* Required */
	"Name": "Name",                       /* Optional */
	"Roles": ["bot-builder","it"],        /* Optional */
	"Picture": "",     /* Optional */

2: And then run the command to update a user with that definition.

sb-cli user update file.json