Dialogflow Secrets

Dialogflow’s V1 API is being deprecated in October 2019.

Dialogflow V2 Secret

  1. Login to your Dialogflow account
  2. Click on the settings gear wheel next to the agent you want to connect to start
  3. Click on the Service Account link listed start
  4. This will take you to the IAM & admin console in the Google Cloud Platform
  5. Create a Service Account or Generate a Key for an Existing Service Account start
  6. You’ll need to Download the Key (this is a JSON file) start
  7. Store your secrets
    • In ServisBOT, click to “Create Secret”
    • Select Dialogflow V2 in the Template drop down
    • Upload the file you just downloaded from Dialogflow
    • Save your Secrets

Alternatively you can map the values of the fields in the Dialogflow JSON file directly.

  • [user@mail.com] with the information in the client_email field from the json file
  • [some-private-key] with the information in private_key field from the json file - all of it, even “—–BEGIN PRIVATE KEY”
  • [someproject-id] with the information in the project_id field from the json file

Do not use the private-key-id in the private_key field this is a common mistake

DialogFlow V1 Secret

  1. In Dialogflow, Click on the gear next to your agent’s name. start
  2. Grab the “Project ID” and “Client Access Token”
    1. You might need to select (use V1 API) start
  3. In ServisBOT Portal, go to “Secrets Management” and click “Create Secret” in the top right.
  4. provide an easy to remember alias for this bot, select the Dialogflow V1 Template and fill in your project ID and access key. Hit save when done.