Metrics and Analytics

We’ve got two measurable ways to measure activity and success for your bots.


A transaction is any time a message comes in or out of the system. We track this automatically and have summary data available for export in the CLI and detailed time-ranged data available in portal.

In Portal

This is available from the Dashboard Menu item.

Just adjust your date and time range and get going. Dashbboard


More data is also available in the CLI for export or use in reports.

You can export a summary of transaction data for all time, by month, or for a specific month period.

sb-cli metric transaction <range>

Available options for timeline

Parameter Options Default
<range> alltime, month in format “201904” Current Month


Goals are both default and custom events that are tracked in the system key to tracking the success or interactions of a bot. Using goals its possible to even calculate conversions on different key points of a conversation.

Default goals

By default we track a couple events in the system, so even if you don’t build your own goals into the system we track some basic conversational things.

  • Conversation started
  • Conversation end

Exporting Goals

Using the CLI, its possible to export by either goals triggered for a bot, or by goal name (across an entire org, or by bot)

Exporting by Bot

sb-cli goal export bot <bot>;  

To convert this export to CSV, simply a few parameters/adjustments to clean up the output -q, format into csv -o csv, and > filename.csv to push the results to a file.

sb-cli goal export bot <bot>; -q -o csv > filename.csv

Exporting by Goal

sb-cli goal count <goal>;    
Parameter Options Default Description
<goal> NA Required The bot you want to export
–groupBy, or –gb bot bot What you want to group by
–start, -s NA “2019/4/3” The time to begin searching from in the form YYYY/MM/DD
–end, -e NA “2019/4/3” The time to finish searching to in the form YYYY/MM/DD