Suggestion Prompt

A call to action that presents the user with suggested responses to a question

The SuggestionPrompt doesn’t take any parameters directly. It contains a list of options which have the suggested response set as the title parameter.

An example of SuggestionPrompt markup is:

    <Option title="30 x 30" id="0" />
    <Option title="32 x 32" id="1" />
    <Option title="33 x 32" id="2" />
    <Option title="34 x 34" id="3" />
    <Option title="35 x 34" id="4" />
    <Option title="v36 x 36" id="5" />
    <Option title="v37 x 35" id="6" />
    <Option title="v38 x 36" id="7" />