An UploadItem is contained in FileUpload. Each UploadItem corresponds to a required file upload.

The parameters for UploadItem are:

Name Type Default Values Description
label string - - the label for the UploadItem (not shown for single file uploads)
name string - - the identifier with which the file is associated
fileType mime type - - A mime type which lets indicate the kind of file you want uploaded
interactionType string utterance utterance, event
  • Event fires a markup interaction with the option selected
  • Utterance adds a message to the timeline with the option selected
    promptText="Could you provide photos of the front and back of your licence?"
    promptButtonText="Upload Pictures"
    confirmationText="All set!"
      <UploadItem fileType="image/*" label="Front" name="LicenceFront"/>
      <UploadItem fileType="image/*" label="Back" name="LicenceBack"/>