Image Only Carousel

    <List horizontal="true" title="Who is your favourite dwarf?" style="large-icon">
      <Item id="0" imageUrl=";a" />
      <Item id="1" imageUrl=";b" />
      <Item id="2" imageUrl=";c" />
      <Item id="3" imageUrl=";d" />
      <Item id="4" imageUrl=";e" />
      <Item id="5" imageUrl=";f" />
      <Item id="6" imageUrl=";g" />

Its also possible to make images themselves clickable as part of a carousel too.

   <List title="Select a clickable image!" horizontal="true" style="large-icon" selectable="true">
    <Item subtitle="Rogers" id="1" imageUrl=";a" url="" urlTitle="SERVISBOT" linkOpenTarget="self" />
    <Item subtitle="Casey" id="1" imageUrl=";a" url="" urlTitle="SERVISBOT" linkOpenTarget="tab" />
    <Item subtitle="Heung" id="2" imageUrl=";b" url="" urlTitle="LOVIN FOOD" linkOpenTarget="detail" />
    <Item subtitle="Rellis" id="3" imageUrl=";c" url="" urlTitle="Google" linkOpenTarget="detail" />