The parameters for OptionCard are:

Name Type Default Values Description
title string - - the title text for the option card
subtitle string - - the subtitle text for the option card
description string - - the description text for the option card
imgUrl string - - the URL the image will be loaded from
alt string - - the text that describes the image
preventRetries boolean false true, false whether the options should only be selectable once
  <OptionCard title="I found an existing order in your account" subtitle="GrabnGo Fresh" description="1 x Balsamic Salad, 1 Grilled Salmon Bowl, 2 X Falafel Wraps" alt="A nice food image" imgUrl="https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/lightstalking-assets/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/08175352/brooke-lark-229136-unsplash.jpg" preventRetries="true">
    <Option title="Track" id="Track" />
    <Option title="View Order Self" id="ViewOrderSelf" url="http://servisbot.com" urlTitle="SERVISBOT" linkOpenTarget="self" />
    <Option title="View Order Tab" id="ViewOrderTab" url="http://servisbot.com" urlTitle="SERVISBOT" linkOpenTarget="tab" />
    <Option title="View Order Messenger" id="ViewOrderMessenger" url="https://lovindublin.com/food" urlTitle="LOVIN FOOD" linkOpenTarget="detail" />