Timeline card for selecting a date.

The parameters for Calendar are:

Name Type Default Values Description
title string - - the text you would like to appear in the Calendar
dateTime string - - timestamp of inital selected date
minDate string - - timestamp of lower limit of date range
maxDate string - - timestamp of upper limit of date range
stage string - start, confirmation render the date or time component individually
timeFormat string 24h - display time in 12 or 24 hour format
startDay string mon sat, sun, mon day that the week should start on
disabledDays comma separated string - mon, tues, weds, thurs, fri, sat, sun days of the week that should not be selectable
format string - ‘ddd D YYYY h’, ‘YY DD MM’,etc For full reference of the supported formats :

  <Calendar title="When would you like to set it?" dateTime="1562112000000" maxDate="1562457600000" minDate="1562112000000"/>

Calendar with Saturdays and Sundays disabled

  <Calendar title="When do you want this PTO to start?" disabledDays="sat,sun" />

Calendar with the week starting on Sunday

  <Calendar title="When would you like to set it?" startDay="sun" />