V1 Configuration

There are multiple configuration options that can control how our version 1 messenger behaves.

ServisBOT Messenger Configuration Options

container: This enables you to take over an entire div with the messenger. Just supply the id of the div you want filled.

   container: ‘#container’

organization: the organizational code this bot is related to, i.e. flowit

dir: This option determines the direction of text in the messenger. The options are ltr and rtl. The default option is ltr.

displayLightbox: Determines whether the messenger displays as a rondel and in a lightbox mode when enabled.

displayWidget: This option determines whether or not the ServisBOT widget is displayed. The ServisBOT widget is displayed on the bottom right hand corner of your web page, and toggles the view of the ServisBOT web messenger. This field is optional.

displayHeader: This option determines whether or not the header is displayed. This field is optional. If not specified by the user it will be displayed by default.

displayRoundel: This option determines whether or not the roundel is displayed. This field is optional. If not specified by the user it will be displayed by default.

alwaysOpen: This field specifies whether the ServisBOT web messenger is permanently displayed or not. This field is optional.

context: extra information to send into the bot.

userToken: value used to verify user is within a secureSession.

expiredEvent: This field specifies a callback to alert parent app with secureSession failures.

googleApiKey: This field is for the Google API key to be used to display maps in the messenger

Query params

You can pass the different configurations into the embed url


For example: You can also pass the reading direction you want to use for lightning with the ‘dir’ parameter. The dir parameter is expected to be either ltr or rtl. The default is ltr.


Currently this only controls text direction for Arabic.

You can also toggle the visibilty of the avatar for the bot in the conversation using the displayAvatar parameter. It can be either true or false.


Updating the context

A rewriteContext method is available if you wish to replace the content that was passed to the embeddable messenger at init time:

  organization: '{yourOrganization}',
  endpoint: '{endpoint alias}',
  context : {
    firstName: 'Michael',
    lastName: 'Schumacher',